Centre Dentaire Parisloft

Your dentists in the Plateau

Centre dentaire Parisloft, in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal is centrally located, making it a prime choice for your dental needs in Montreal.

At Centre Dentaire Parisloft, you will find an efficient team with skilled dental surgeons who will ensure optimum recovery and desired results.


Over years of practice, Dr. Leduc, Dr. Diamond, Dr. Endo and Dr. Pasoff at Centre Dentaire Parisloft have developed many techniques and approaches in dentistry. For more precision, ask the receptionists the type of care that can be provided. After a full examination, your dental surgeon will be able to establish a treatment plan that will fit your needs and will go over all your medical and financial options with you. We will provide access to your digital file upon case evaluation.


Are you suffering from acute pain, edema (swelling) or bleeding? Call on our emergency dental service; we will do our best to give you an appointment within 24 hours.

At Centre Dentaire Parisloft, asepsis is one of our primary concern. The level of cleanliness required is of primordial importance in reducing the risks of infection and complications. Regular and objective requirements (recommended from NAOSH – North American Occupational Safety and Health joint committee) are used to assess protocols that protect patients and staff alike.


Centre Dentaire Parisloft’s state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide quality dental care services. Treatments will be efficient, calm, professional and painless all in an exceptional environment, led by a well-trained team that listens to you. Everyone at the Centre Dentaire Parisloft is dedicated to reach results beyond your expectations. They’ve thought long and hard about these criteria for the quality of care. They’ve defined them and work every day so that you will benefit from them.
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